Bifrost is a new service built on Techneaux’s years of expertise integrating high-volume, high-value enterprise data.

A Solution Built From experience
Who Is Techneaux?

Who is Techneaux?

Techneaux is a leading integrator of SCADA, industrial controls, wireless communications, and outsourced IT management solutions. From humble beginnings as a two-man operation in the garage of Michael and Ben Johnson. To being named one of the top 10 companies for economic growth in Louisiana in 2019. Growing to more than 100 employees working at our offices in Lafayette, LA and Denver, Colorado. We’ve spent the last decade solving technology challenges for enterprises large and small.

Bifrost’s Origin Story

Over the years, Techneaux has witnessed our customers struggle to unlock data trapped in their SCADA systems. We knew there had to be a better way. Our first foray into this area was an internal tool we built called Dexter, which could do one-time exports of data. But we knew that some customers needed real-time data feeds. So we built another internal tool called Data Master, which integrated data between Cygnet and SQL. But that was limited to those two systems. We realized what customers really needed was a solution that was flexible enough to make it easy to integrate a variety of different systems together, and not just out of SCADA systems but also Data Historians. So in 2021, we started developing Bifrost.
In 2022 we launched in stealth mode and started signing up initial customers. Today Bifrost builds and supports next generation time series data integrations that are seamlessly moving billions of rows of data in real time for a variety of different enterprise customers both large and small in industries ranging from oil and gas to manufacturing to casinos.

Bifrost’s Origin Story

Meet the team

Bifrost has a dedicated team of professionals. Bifrost also has access to the expertise of the larger Techneaux team. Together we are ready to handle your toughest time series data integrations.

 Aaron Knabb <br> Managing Director
Aaron Knabb
Managing Director
 Geoff Daily <br> Marketing Director
Geoff Daily
Marketing Director
 Dawson Jeanne <br> Bridge Builder
Dawson Jeanne
Bridge Builder
 John Totorich <br> Bridge Builder
John Totorich
Bridge Builder
 Byron Dauzart <br> Bridge Builder
Byron Dauzart
Bridge Builder
 Jerry Loffelbein <br> Quality Assurance
Jerry Loffelbein
Quality Assurance

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